A New Adventure…

Elizabeth Howlett is a Los Angeles Child Actor with dimples

2018 was a HUGE year for Elizabeth. Not only did she turn 7, but she started at a new school, which she loves, and she booked a TON of jobs. I swear, her resume looks better than mine, and I’m a college graduate! When I look at it, it seems crazy that a 7-year-old has a page-long resume! What in the world?!

As I mentioned in the last post, we second-guess this all of the time, especially when it comes to missing school. Some of my friends will be like, “You can’t audition! What about SCHOOL?!”

Trust me, it pains us when she misses, but it’s hard to deny her something when we see her put so much work into it. She just has this passion, this fire. I don’t know how to explain it, and I feel crazy when I try to, and it’s…NOT going away.

She’s a good student, and it’s super important to us that she keeps her grades up…

Last week, she got her first note sent home for us from her teacher… It said she had been daydreaming in class. Before I even asked Elizabeth about it, I knew what she was daydreaming about…

The evening before, we received some really amazing news. When I saw/opened the email, I couldn’t help but yell, “Elizabeth!!! I have something to tell you!!!” –Hey, I was excited, too! You can’t help but get caught up in it, trust me. And, it’s so fun to tell your kids something that you know is going to make their day. But my timing wasn’t the best. She was literally going to bed. Not the time to tell Elizabeth anything, because she’s the type to keep herself up all night thinking about it.

Anyway, the big news: She was cast in a television SERIES! I can’t say anymore than that, because that’s how this business works, and we’re professionals here. So we’re going to be leaving town for a bit and will be staying in another state while it’s filming. We’ve read the script, and it’s AMAZING. We (Elizabeth, along with mom and dad) couldn’t be happier to be part of it. What a BLESSING! Now we’re just looking for a place to stay while they’re filming. We have to bring the farm with us, (our rabbit, Honey and our bird, Kiko) so that might be a little tricky in terms of living arrangements. God is good!

Please forgive typos. Mom hasn’t had her coffee yet. <3

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